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Client's Wish
The couple wanted something incredible for their wedding. The organiser chose an unusual location - a cave. The task was to create a decoration that would preserve the colour of the venue, rather than taking all the attention on itself. Our team was tasked to create an atmosphere of posh, chic and elegance in the cave. The couple decided to trust our vision.
The project implementation by the FlorAtelie team
In such locations, nothing can be altered—nature has already done the work for us. All we need to do is highlight this charm and convey the significance of the special day. What association comes to mind with the word "cave"? Of course, treasures. We used mirrored panels, numerous candles, candle holders, antique chandeliers, and imitation gemstones—these became the treasures once hidden by medieval kings.

A very crucial point was to organise proper lighting in the cave, so that it was bright but did not create unnecessary shadows. Our team at Floratelie recreated a flame effect from the fire inside the cave, making the lighting warm. We placed many candles throughout the cave, preserving its authenticity and emphasizing the sparkle of the abandoned treasures.
The outcome exceeded the client's expectations
The newlyweds did not expect that any decor could be created in a cave. They were impressed and remarked that the treasures hidden in the cave were associated with the bride. To the groom, she is like these treasures that he had been searching for many years.
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