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Client's Wish
To transform an industrial space on the hotel rooftop into a garden of Eden. The client wanted all the walls, columns, and tables to be covered in flowers.
The project implementation by the FlorAtelie team
During the realisation of the idea, there was an issue with the hotel administration - they were against installation of the decorations as they were concerned about potential damage or holes left in the walls afterwards.

Ksenia Chalaya, the founder of Flor Atelie, took personal responsibility before the hotel to ensure that no harm would be done to the interior after dismantling.

Having agreed with the hotel and finished the installation, Ksenia realized that to complete the composition an important detail was missing on the table - a brown cover that would perfectly blend the wedding decor with the color of the space itself. The clients and the organizer and didn't understand how it would look, but Ksenia convinced to try.
The outcome exceeded the client's expectations
After seeing the full decoration, the clients, agreed that the brown table covering looked winning. They agreed that it was the best solution and gave the wedding a charm of exclusivity.

The newlyweds especially noted how everything matched in colour, shapes and textures. And that it was the epitome of a real garden of Eden.
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