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Client's Wish
The newlyweds decided that the wedding would take place in an old estate, the ceremony was planned in an area overlooking the mountains. But as a backup plan, they also wanted to decorate the courtyard of this estate.
The project implementation by the FlorAtelie team
We usually work together with your wedding planner, being involved in choosing the venue for the ceremony. For this wedding, Ksenia Chalaya, founder of Flor Atelie, encouraged her clients to have the ceremony in the cosy courtyard of an old estate. Yes, it does not have a beautiful view of the mountains, but Ksenia's attention was attracted by the ancient tree - a symbol of longevity of marriage. Ksenia also suggested lighting up the entire courtyard and all the compositions to use this area as a photo-zone throughout the day and evening.
The outcome exceeded the client's expectations
When the newlyweds saw the setting of this courtyard, they agreed that it was the perfect place for their ceremony. The guests loved the idea - many photos were taken both during the day and at night. For us, this is an indication that the decoration for this venue was well chosen and exceeded all expectations of both the guests and the newlyweds.
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